I’ve had much fun over the last couple of nights embracing my inner nerd, by taking my SLR and tripod out into the garden and attempting to take some long exposures of the International Space Station hurtling over us, some 370km up, at a speed of 7.71km/s. I find it absolutely awe inspiring to stare up at it and think that way up there in that space station are people. People working. People brushing their teeth. People staring back down at the planet with an equal sense of awe.

The UK is being treated to a whole month of very bright passes by the ISS throughout June, so I’m going to go out with the camera a few more times and find some more interesting locations to shoot some pictures from. You can find a full list of the passes here;

It even tells you which way to face. And don’t worry if you miss it… The space station isn’t exactly dawdling its way round the planet, and if you miss one, it’ll be back round about an hour and a half later.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was up on the ISS earlier this year, and took some stunning photos of Earth. They’re well worth a look, and they’re all on Twitter.


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