I’m just in from the pool, and can share the exclusive news that I’ve just taken my total lengths during 2013 past 5000. I know you don’t care, but I’m guilty of a dangerous level of obsessiveness when it comes to keeping a log of what exercise I do, both in the pool and on the road.

Stats, stats, stats.

Quite what the point is, and what I’m trying to achieve, I have no idea. I suppose I just like setting targets, reaching new milestones, and improving on past achievements. It’s definitely an obsession. Whether it’s a healthy one or not is debatable. And once you’ve started, and devoted month after month to compiling pointless statistics, it’s near impossible to stop.

Any bike related statistic you like, I’ve got it on my spreadsheet. I can tell you the highest speed I’ve reached on my touring bike is 66.70kph, and this was on May 5th 2013 whilst riding from Louth to Nettleham at an average speed of 23.80kph. I’ve been in the saddle for 76 hours, 42 minutes, and 52 seconds this year. I could keep going, but I’m certain you’ll have got bored at ‘Any bike related statistic you like…’, if not well before.

2013’s overall target is to reach 4,000km on my two bikes. That’s 333.33km a month. We’re ten days into June, and the month’s total already stands at a ridiculous 442.18km. And I’ve still got the London to Paris trip to go. That’ll add another 300 or so. But I’ll still keep putting in some big miles in the fear I might not make it to 4,000. My monthly average until June was depressingly low, owing almost entirely to the foul weather. Though I still managed to endure the whole winter without driving to work, save for two days when I was ill.

So I shall go to bed tonight safe in the knowledge that I’ve added tonight’s swim (3,400m) to  my swimming spreadsheet, noted that 2013’s total now stands at 127,000m (5080 lengths), and saved two copies on separate hard drives in case anything goes wrong.

I’m fairly certain my world wouldn’t descend into chaos if anything did go wrong and I lost my pointless spreadsheets, but it’s comforting to know I’ve taken the precaution. Just in case.


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