Well, there’s not much left to do, and now I’m just itching to get on the road and get started. I spent yesterday doing the majority of the packing, and three of the four panniers are now ready to go on the bike. I kept finding myself remembering fairly vital bits and pieces, which was a little worrying, and I’m still not convinced I haven’t forgotten something obvious. But I wrote out a kit list a while ago, and as long as I can tick everything off that it should be OK… Tent pegs were one of the things I suddenly remembered at the last minute. To have forgotten them would have been inconvenient.

I’ve just got back from a quick cycle into town (on a wonderfully light, unladen bike) to meet Mum for lunch, pick up some Euros from the Post Office, and a second pair of cycling shorts and a t shirt for when the first pair inevitably end up soaked on the first day. I don’t believe a word I read on any of the forecasts I’ve checked. According to my iPhone, I’ll be rained on throughout the day on Monday, and the BBC website reassures me I’ll stay dry and have a slight tailwind. I think I’ll just have to take it as it comes.

My train to London doesn’t leave until 13:00 tomorrow, so I can have a bit of a lie in and will have time to go through everything to make sure nothing is missing. I’ll probably find I’ve forgotten the bike or something. The bike has just had a final clean and check-over to make sure everything is as it should be, and just needs some oil on the chain now.

I also sorted out the issue of internet access this morning, and can get a daily Euro Internet Pass from my service provider for £5 a day, but can choose each day whether I want to buy one. It’ll allow me unlimited data, so keeping the blog and my twitter feed updated won’t be an issue. Finding enough power to keep all the devices going is another issue, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Or plug into that socket when I find it.

I’ve had a request for the weight of my bike and kit, plus me, before and after the trip. Once I’ve finished packing this evening I’ll put the whole lot on the scales and put a quick post on here with the numbers.


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