For the benefit of my uncle Alastair.

Bike: 17.1kg

Luggage: 23.6kg

Me: 73.9kg

Total: 114.6kg

I’m not converting it into old money, as I want to blend in on the continent.

I seem to have inherited my mother’s ability to estimate the weight of anything with a startling degree of accuracy. While I was packing the panniers, I was trying to distribute the weight evenly across the bike, with the majority on the rear. I didn’t weigh anything during this process, and the panniers came out as follows;

Front left: 2.3kg

Front right: 2.3kg

Back left: 6.4kg

Back right: 6.4kg

Rucksack (sits centrally on top of the luggage rack): 6.4kg

I think you’d have to say I made a pretty accurate job of that…

So there we are. I’m ready to set off. I’ve just taken the bike out for a test ride round the block, to check the new cleats fit the pedals properly, and that the luggage is all attached as it should be. Good job I did, as I realised that the rucksack was completely obscuring my rear light, so I’ve moved it onto one of the rear panniers.

Oh one more thing. I found out earlier that the Euro Internet Pass on my phone doesn’t support tethering, which affects my plans for updating the blog. I’d planned to tether the tablet to my phone’s internet, as it’s easier to write on, but that can’t happen now. Blog entries will have to be done on the phone, which will be tedious, but it isn’t too much of a problem.


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