(Copyright for this photo belongs to Simon Bray, who has given his permission to use it on the blog)

It’s definitely about time I devoted a blog entry to a rather superb band called Story Books. They’re a Kent based fivesome, making moody, loud music, and this year saw the release of their EP Too Much A Hunter, along with a crazy UK tour supporting King Charles at some sizeable venues.

The band didn’t disappoint. I was lucky enough to go and see the boys play at three of the gigs on the tour, and the progress made my the band between the first and third shows I saw was astonishing. Armed with the Jedi-like skills of Rob and Kris in the studio, they’ve never had a problem recording and mixing music that sounds awesome. But this year they’ve really started to find their groove live, and the tour was a massive part of that transition.

The band could have been accused of lacking live energy and togetherness in the early days, and a lack of consistent, regular gigs was probably the cause of this. They were starting to get there when I saw them a few days into the UK tour, at the Leicester O2 Academy. But at the next gig I saw, in Oxford, they absolutely nailed it. Everything they’d lacked was there. Energy. Togetherness. Spot on backing vocals. And Joe, of all people, came out and really went for it from the start.

Great things are round the corner for Story Books. They’ve been noticed by some very big, very influential people. Amazingly they’ve secured a slot at the Rolling Stones gig in Hyde Park in July, which is pretty big news!

I strongly recommend you go and see the boys play if you get the chance, before too many people hear about them… And at the very least, download a couple of songs and have a listen. You might like what you hear. Or it might not be your kind of thing. What have you got to lose?


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