In 7 hours I’ll set off on my Devon coast to coast trip. I’m cycling from Wembury on the south coast of Devon, and following a 100 mile route, 70 miles of which are on traffic free sections of the National Cycle Network, all the way up to Ilfracombe on the north coast of Devon.

I’ve never cycled 100 miles in a single day, so two 100 mile days in a row is definitely going to be a challenge. I have come close to 100 though, and it’s probably more of a psychological thing than anything. I know I’m fit enough to achieve it, and I think the key will be to pace myself, and not concentrate on my average speed or how far I’ve gone or got left.

I’m getting a really early start in the morning to make it easier to go at a steady pace all day and not have to worry about it getting too late. I aim to be cycling by 06:00. This will also mean I can have a whole morning of cycling before it starts to get too hot. We’ve had some absolutely fantastic weather this week, and this looks set to continue for at least the next couple of days. So whereas I was battling through torrential storms on day three of my London to Paris trip, the biggest challenge of this ride (apart from covering 200 miles in two days) is going to be coping with the heat. The route is very hilly, and I’ll be climbing a total of just over 1000 metres each day. Day three was the biggest day of climbing during the London to Paris trip, and only involved a total ascent of around 600 metres!

Lewis, my sister’s boyfriend, has let me borrow his GoPro Hero 3 camera, and we’ve mounted it to the handlebars of my bike. It’s a fantastic little digital camera, designed to be used for extreme sports, and shoots high definition video and still images. The quality of the footage is incredible, and I’ll be able to use it to record some of the more scenic parts of the ride, and any fast downhill sections!

Lewis and I went out on his off-road motorbikes earlier (my first off-road riding, and so much fun), and shot some footage using the GoPro, and the results were fantastic. I’ll be uploading some footage from the trip when I get home.

Right. Big day tomorrow. 100 miles and a lot of challenging climbs in the heat! I’d better try to get some sleep…


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