I’m very pleased to be able to report my latest attempt at a sourdough loaf has been a definite success. After getting the production sourdough going last night, I got up too early this morning considering I’m on a night shift tonight, and have spent the whole day making vast amounts of bread. 

I’ve made two white French baguette type loaves using a sponge I also made last night with fresh yeast, and four sourdough loaves, which have turned out far better than I expected they would. They’re nice and light, with a crisp, crunchy crust, and more importantly they’ve got a beautiful complex, tangy, sour flavour to them. This was something my previous efforts were completely lacking, so I’m starting to get somewhere.

When I’ve got time I’ll write up some instructions, from creating a sourdough starter to making the loaves themselves, so anyone reading this can have a go too.


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