Co-Motion Tandem Compare and Contrast: Java vs. Speedster

Co-Motion Java

It’s been just over one year and around 5,500 miles since Felkerino and I said goodbye to our Co-Motion Speedster and began riding our Co-Motion Java tandem.

Now that we’ve put both of these tandems through their paces, I wanted to compare the two bikes and revisit the choice we made to replace our Speedster with the Java.

Felkerino and I originally decided on purchasing a custom-sized tandem after  completing the Cascade 1200K on our size Large/Medium Cannondale mountain tandem, and realizing that there was no stock frame out there that would fit us without a painful compromise over long events.

The Cannondale was too small for me, and Felkerino could not get the bars high enough and still maintain good handling of the bike to make it work well for him.


Felkerino and I set our sights on a randonneuring tandem for brevets and sport touring. We decided on…

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