About Drain Bamms.


Me. Holding a banana. On the Avenue Verte.

Welcome to my blog. My real name isn’t Drain Bamms. But lots of people know me as Drain.

My blog is basically just a means for me to wax lyrical about all the things I’m passionate about, which is lots of things. I’m a pretty obsessive cyclist, and have just got back from my first bike tour (June 2013), which was a solo camping trip from London to Paris, during which I cycled a total of 460km. I’m also a keen swimmer, and love to bake. Mainly bread, but I’ll have a go at anything. I haven’t bought any bread for almost two years now, and slowly but surely I’m starting to master the skill. I get some really good feedback about my bread, so I must be doing something right. If you’re interested in baking your own bread, Paul Hollywood and the River Cottage handbook are great places to start. The River Cottage book was where I started out.

I’m also a big music fan, and couldn’t possibly pigeonhole my tastes into set genres. I like almost anything. But I’m hugely into folk, especially the music of Nic Jones, one of my heroes, and I’m currently trying to learn his style of guitar playing. John Prine has also been a huge influence, since I saw him perform at Cambridge Folk Festival, in the same year as Nic Jones played. I’ve also recently got into someone called Pretty Lights, which is a real departure from the folk I’ve been listening to obsessively recently. It’s a kind of electronic, funk, dubstep, hip-hop mix, and I love it.

I hope you enjoy the blog. Feel free to leave comments or questions, and if you’re interested in anything in particular, especially cycle touring, get in touch. I’ve got plenty of advice I can give about the London to Paris trip, if you’re planning your own, or about cycling, walking, and camping in general.

Oh and I mustn’t forget Story Books, who are a Kent based band who are destined for greatness. You heard it here first, ok? Check out their music, and their twitter feed. They’re making some really good, exciting new music. I’ll get round to dedicating a blog entry to them soon…


Story Books: www.storybooksband.com

Nic Jones: www.nicjones.net

John Prine: www.johnprine.net

Cambridge Folk Festival: www.cambridgefolkfestival.co.uk

Pretty Lights: www.prettylightsmusic.com


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