Day 4:

Campsite near(ish!) Marines to Paris.

Departed: 12:15 (due to a rainy morning delaying us)
Arrived: 20:15

Total cycling time: 04:25:30
Distance: 79.99km
Average: 18.4km/h
Max: 44.7km/h
Trip total: 412.1km

And so it ends. I’ve arrived in Paris, and have set up camp at a site right next to the Seine, on the west side of the city.

It’s been a pretty gruelling four days, and I’ve cycled an average of 103km each day, through some ridiculously hilly countryside, 28 degree sunshine, and torrential rain.

Each day has been brilliant in a different way, and I’ve had so much fun along the way. Yesterday and today involved some big challenges, and required determination and will power, and to have pushed on and made it feels great.

I’ve proved a lot to myself, and shown how fit I’ve managed to get over the last 12-18 months, with all my cycling and swimming. I’m already thinking about the next tour, and definitely have the bug. Next year I’d like to cycle from the English Channel to the Mediterranean.

The full account of today, and yesterday, will have to wait, I’ll do it tomorrow probably, as Kate doesn’t arrive until late in the evening.

The two girls stayed with me again for today’s ride, and have camped here. We’re all starving, so are heading into the city (on unloaded bikes!) to find food and get a well earned beer or three.

So, so pleased to have done what I’ve done.





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